Trinity Valley Community College

Trinity Valley Community College Police

Stewart Newby

Director of Campus Police and Public Safety

Student Union Building - 1st Floor
100 Cardinal Dr.
Athens, TX 75751

Phone: (903) 675-6235
Fax:  (903) 675-6296

Palestine: (903) 221-4717
Terrell:  (469) 652-9763
Kaufman: (972) 932-3094




In the interest of safety of the faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the campus, we provide an Escort Service. This service is available between the hours of dusk and daylight to all persons going to on-campus destinations. To use this service, call (903) 675-6235.

Vehicle Assists

Should you experience difficulty in starting your vehicle, or in the event you lock your keys in your vehicle, Police personnel will be glad to assist you. To request assistance, call (903) 675-6235.


Crime Prevention Tips

If a crime is to be committed, the offender must have the desire, ability, and opportunity to commit crime. Law enforcement can do little to remove the offender's desire and ability, and opportunity to commit crimes, but together we can remove the element of opportunity. THIS IS CRIME PREVENTION.
You can remove the temptation of opportunity by taking a few simple precautions.


1.     Lock your door every time you leave-even for short trips down the hall.
2.     Do not leave valuables lying out in the open.
3.     Engrave your driver's license number on all valuable property 
4.     Record the serial numbers and brand names of all property.


1.     Lock your door when you take a nap or retire for the evening.
2.     Require identification before admitting someone unfamiliar into your room.
3.     Don't walk alone at night. Stay on lighted walkways and use the Police Escort Service.
4.     Report suspicious people or circumstances. Stop a crime before it happens.
5.     Offer your confidential assistance to the TVCC Police