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Education - Professional Development for Teachers
Posted: 10/17/2014 2:52:00 PM
Learn to teach confidently about America's Judeo-Christian heritage across the curriculum.

Discover How to Address the Bible & Christianity Without Mixing Church and State

Earn 7 hours of Continuing Professional Education credit. Designed specifically for Texas public school educators, this course deals with how to teach about the Bible and America's religious heritage across the curriculum in academic and legally acceptable ways. This full course includes (1) the relationship between moral development and religious upbringing, (2) the relationship between Bible literacy and cultural literacy, (3) a review of Texas state academic standards), (4) legal support for teaching Bible literacy, (5) inclusion strategies for the classroom,(6) students' religious liberties, (7) how to address holidays, (8) how to cultivate character in your students.

This course includes a 30-minute recorded interview with an attorney who is a nationally-recognized authority on teachers' religious liberties in a public school setting. He answers 15 questions commonly asked by teachers.

Upon successful completion, all Texas Certified Educators will earn 7 hours of Continuing Professional Education credit toward their SBEC Certificate renewal requirements in accordance with the Texas Education Agency.

These classes can start at any time.  Tuition is $100.00.  Interested students should enroll with the TVCC Continuing Education office.  You will need computer and internet access and an email account. 

This course is offered in collaboration with Innovative Solutions for Better Education. 

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