Trinity Valley Community College


Individual Training & Tutoring
Posted: 6/22/2016 11:32:00 AM
Available in Math, Reading, and other subjects

Individual training or tutoring is offered by the Continuing & Workforce Ed department.   Tutoring is offered in either one-on-one sessions or in small group settings.  Tutoring is available for these and similar type training situations:  Basic Math, Chemistry, English, History, Spanish, Computer Skills (Basic or Advanced), Computer Software Applications or GED test preparation. 

There is an 8 hour minimum for $200.  Financial Aid may be available for eligible individuals.  Class dates and times are subject to instructor availability.

In addition to Individual Tutoring - we offer a Writing/Math Lab for students who need assistance with either of these subjects. 

This course provides instructional assistance in entry level college medical research papers that are required for course completion.  It provides assistance in passing required department certification tests and the mastery of math skills utilized in entry level medical health occupations and passing required departmental medical math exams.  Eligible students may qualify for financial assistance. 
New classes will be starting soon.  Please call 903-675-6212 for more information.