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Free Tutoring
Posted: 9/2/2015 5:13:46 PM
The CSC offers FREE peer and professional tutoring to all TVCC credit students! Tutors conduct individual and group tutoring sessions on a scheduled or drop-in basis.

CSC TUTORING - Athens Campus

The CSC-Athens offers 3 different types of tutoring; Peer One on One Scheduled Tutoring, Professional Drop-In and Peer Drop-In. All of our tutoring
services are FREE to all current TVCC academic students.

 Peer One On One Scheduled Tutoring

TUTOR REQUEST FORM Fill out this form to
request Peer One on One Tutoring. Fill out a separate form for each subject you are requesting help in. Return to the Cardinal
Success Center in person, by fax @ (903) 670-2676, or e-mail to

Once you have returned the request form(s) to the CSC requesting 1 on 1 tutoring, we
will do our best to fill your request(s) as soon as possible. Remember that our tutors are students too. We can only place you with students who have come to us and signed up to
be tutors during the times they have listed as avaiable, therefore it is very important to
put as many times you are available on your request as possible. Unfortunately, if no
one signs up to be a tutor in your subject, we have no one to place you with.

However, there are other options! If we cannot place you with a 1 on 1 peer tutor, we
will contact you with information about peer drop-in tutoring, professional drop-in tutoring, or P.O.D.S.S. sessions
  that are also free to you and may be used in addition to
the peer 1 on 1tutoring. Please check your TVCC e-mail for this information. Also, make
sure to talk to your professors and utilize thier posted office hours. 

You do not need to fill out a form for drop-in tutor services. See Below for information
on Professional and Peer Drop-in Tutoring.

Please click here if you are interested in becoming a peer tutor.

Drop In Tutoring: Professional and Peer TVCC instructors and students are here to help!  

FREE professional tutoring is provided by select 
TVCC faculty members who have volunteered to be "on call" each week. All professional tutors are highly qualified college instructors who currently teach or have taught the subject or course. Multiple instructors may tutor the same course/subject.You do NOT need to be a student of the professor you are requesting help from.

FREE Peer Drop In Tutoring is provided by qualified students on a first come first serve basis. This type of tutoring is designed for students who need just a little extra help, but don't need to meet with a peer tutor each week.

No Appointment is necessary for Drop In tutoring. Just bring your TVCC ID to the CSC at
the scheduled time, and tell the attendant at the desk who you wish to tutor with. See schedule below for available times.

Drop in Schedule


Similar services for tutoring are offered on all TVCC campuses.
Please contact the number
associated with your campus below for more information.

Kaufman      (972) 932-4309 Ext: 5721
Palestine     (903) 723-7047
Terrell         (972) 563-9573 Ext: 4904


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